Joker Costume Analysis – Shirts

Perhaps the most obvious observation regarding the Joker’s shirts is that he had two: an orange one, and an emerald green one.

Although he actually wore the green shirt more often than the orange one in the movie, the orange one has since arguably become the more iconic and recognizable of the two – probably because the scenes/sequences with the orange shirt were longer and/or more memorable than many of the scenes/sequences with the green one (most notably the parade climax and final confrontation in the cathedral).

Aside from color difference, the shirts appeared to be otherwise identical in their construction. 
They appeared to be made of silk.

Neither the orange or green shirt had buttons on the lower front corners of the shirt collars.

Although in the film the shirt collars appear to have had no topstitching, a Film Memorabilia auction viewing photo reveals that there was, in fact, a row of edge-stitching along the collar of the orange shirt.

Joker costume - shirt
Film Memorabilia auction viewing (photo credit - "roger.2800")

Additionally, this photo of a screen-used Joker costume display at the BFI reveals similar edge-stitching on the collar of the Joker’s green shirt.

Joker costume - shirt
BFI, screen-used Joker costume display (photo credit - Paul Wares)
The shirts buttoned up the front via some small (probably ⅜”?) ivory buttons.
Also, as is common amongst higher-end tailored dress shirts, there was no buttonhole panel on the left side; the front edge was simply turned under and held in place via the buttonholes.

Here are a couple excellent photos of the Joker’s costume at the BFI display, in which you can clearly see the fabric, color, and buttons in better detail. (Special thanks for Paul Wares for the photos!)

Joker costume - shirt
BFI, screen-used Joker costume display (photo credit - Paul Wares)
Joker costume - shirt
BFI, screen-used Joker costume display (photo credit - Paul Wares)

Unfortunately, we never got a look at the back of the Joker’s shirt in the movie, so I can’t say whether or not the back of the shirt had a yoke and/or pleat(s).

The French cuffs on the Joker’s shirts appeared to be fairly tall (although not as tall as those on the 11th Doctor’s “Snowmen” shirt).
As you may have noticed in the images above, the Joker’s sleeve cuffs closed via some wonderful playing card cuff links! 
(I couldn’t determine the actual number of cards or the specific values except for the ace of spades on top.) 
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