Tailors Gone Wild – Beginner Sewing Course!

Many years ago, I began learning how to sew on my own, through lots of trial-and-error (mostly error) and constantly looking up how to do this and that online. Aside from the fact that back then most Internet videos were only 360p, I bounced around a lot – inadvertently learning some advanced sewing techniques while remaining clueless about more basic …

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Joker Costume Project – Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Ties?

New and improved Joker products! With a new secret ingredient: Spoonflower! I’ve sewn up a storm working on these ties and may have gotten a little carried away with my Joker costume project … Of course, my inability to resist temptation also makes you the direct beneficiary to my Joker costuming efforts! Not only did I make several extra ties …

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Joker Costume Project – Making My Joker Shirts

“I’m of a mind to make some Mookie.” To get the ball rolling with this Joker costume project, I started with his colorful shirts. As you may recall, he mainly wore two in the movie: an orange one, and a green one. The Hunt Of course, there’s always the chance of a lucky find at a retail or thrift store …

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Joker Costume Analysis

I must have watched Tim Burton’s Batman dozens of times on VHS growing up. (In fact, probably the only movies I watched more than that one were Jumanji, which I watched until the VHS tape literally broke, and the Star Wars trilogy.) Danny Elfman’s kickass music, Michael Keaton’s troubled brooding, Tim Burton’s wacky filmmaking, Jack Nicholson’s hilariously psychotic villainy, the …

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Joker Costume – Visual References

In the course of my costume research, I’ve gathered many dozens of visual references of the 1989 Joker’s costume. These include auction photos of screen-used costumes and costume elements, as well as museum displays. I included many of them in my updated Joker costume analysis, although they were often cropped to better see certain details. For those of you interested …

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Obsessive Costuming Dude blog 2.0

I’m Alex, aka “Obsessive Costuming Dude,” and welcome to my “rebooted” sewing/costuming blog! (I’ve previously been posting with Blogger, but I’ve moved to WordPress for better presentation and functionality.) Unfortunately, most of the actual blog content didn’t transfer, and most of what did was mangled so badly as to be unusable. I’ll be reposting/re-uploading the previous materials and costume resources …

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